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Falcon Racing Chassis
by Southern Express

In Stock and ready to take yopu to the winners circle

Adjustable Spindles
Caster-Camber & Ackerman

Right Rear Axle Adjuster for
changing axle lead w/removable
bearing shied.

Single post Steering Upright

Standard Features:
  • Offset Chassis Design
  • TIG Welded 1.25" Chomoly
    Motor Mount
  • Adjustable Caster-Camber and Ackerman Spindles
  • Adjustable ride height (front and rear)
  • Aluminum Steering Wheel
  • Single-point steering shaft runs in adjustable nylon bearings. 3/8 tubular tie rods with left and right thread ends.
  • Enginetics brake assembly
  • Snap-ring type 1.25" tubular axle
  • Fully contoured fiberglass seat
    (junior, small, medium, large & x-large)
  • Adjustable slip joint nerf bars
  • Adjustable seat slides
  • Adjustable steering height with postive steering lock at 0, 10 and 20 degrees
  • Adjustable tread width
  • Adjustable spindle height
  • Welded-on weight brackets
  • Newly designed rear bearing hangers
  • Pedal Grips
  • Rear axle adjuster for changing axle lead
  • Rear axle adjuster for changing cross weigh

Optional Accessories:

  • Fiberglass Body Kit
  • 5qt Plastic Tank
  • Kart Hauler
  • 4 different castor yokes for wheel base adjustment
  • T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Hats, Racing Jacket


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