Bradley Gerrells founded Southern Express Kart Shop in 1994. Championship winning horsepower is only a part of what has made SEKS one of the top shops in the country. SEKS began offering the Falcon Racing Chassis in 2007, and with the release of the second generation chassis, the Firehawk, racers all across the country are experiencing fantastic results at a rate that has the competition racing back to the drawing boards.

Falcon Racing Chassis is a new and innovative kart that will get you to the winner’s circle every time. For the past nine years, Brad Gerrells at Southern Express Kart Shop has worked to make the Falcon one of the most user-friendly karts in the oval karting circuit. This kart is adaptable and dependable every race, whether it be a local Saturday Night event or a top dollar money race.

Falcon Racing Chassis has dealers nation wide.
Call 706-864-6984 to find a dealer near you.

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